The Surveying Department of Bagby, Caldwell and Associates, P.C. is vital to the day-to-day production of our design projects. Our survey crews and support staff are responsible for providing a wide range of services, which are integral to the timely and accurate preparation of design plans. The collection of data provides such information as property boundaries, site topography, GPS control, location of existing site improvements and location of existing utilities on and around the project site. The survey department uses the latest in data collection equipment to complete field project work in a thorough, timely and cost effective manner.

The office support staff is responsible for the reduction of data collected by the survey crews, property research at the Local County and City records office, technical calculations to supplement the data collected and the platting of survey information in forms that can be used by our client for the transfer of title and sale of land parcels.

The Survey Department also provides our clients with construction layout services that assist both site and building contractors in the completion of project construction. Layout services include building layout, utility layout and site improvement layout. Upon completion of site and building construction we are routinely requested to prepare surveys showing the as-built condition of the site to verify that construction conforms to design. When it comes to development projects, surveying is truly an A to Z process and a valuable component of the development process.



  • Mark D. Goodpasture, L.S.